It seems like, as you approach the end of a calendar year, it is always a good time to take a step back, be thankful and look at what has been accomplished during the last 12 months.  Odyssey Rehabilitation has had an extremely busy past twelve months and a number of reasons to be thankful.  During a time in our industry where there have been a number of changes, cutbacks and other adjustments, Odyssey Rehabilitation was able to take a big step forward and grow like no other time in the history of the company.  Odyssey Rehab was able to welcome 7 new partners to our family, expanding to areas like Berkeley Springs, Princeton, Ronceverte and  Wellsburg WV in addition to taking our services outside of WV for the first time to Riverview and Wytheville, VA.  This growth has already carried over into 2013 with word that we will be kicking off the new year with a new facility, Eagle Pointe, in Parkersburg, WV.  The biggest change of all was the transition from West Virginia Therapy Services to Odyssey Rehabilitation.  Moving forward from WV Therapy Services was a very difficult thing to do.  This name carried with it years of history that allowed the company to become what it is today, but the change to Odyssey also showed how exciting the future is.  With a continued focus on quality patient care, customer service and employee advocacy, Odyssey will never forget the strong base WV Therapy created.  I say all of this, to point out that none of this would have been obtainable if it were not for all of the support the company receives from past and current employees, our clients and vendors.  Odyssey Rehabilitation has been very fortunate to work along side a number of individuals and teams that have the same ideals and goals as we do.  For that, Odyssey would like to extend our graditude to each of you that have been a part of this journey during 2012. 
Thank you and we look forward to the year to come.
Mike Dotson


About odysseyrehab

Odyssey Rehabilitation – Partners with long-term care facilities to provide affordable, compassionate PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL and SPEECH THERAPY services in addition to complete, comprehensive management for your rehab department.
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