Patient Success Story

Our resident is a 61 year old male who came to Carehaven in February after suffering a stroke with right side deficits.  This Resident had been living alone at home able to complete all ADL’s independently and was even driving (or riding his motorcycle) on a regular basis prior to hospitalization.  Upon admission to our facility, the resident had spent 2 weeks in a transitional care unit and was only able to ambulated 20 feet with moderate assist, had poor dynamic balance, 3/5 LE strength and required Moderate assist for all transfers.  Resident required a mechanical soft diet with nectar thick liquids with impairs language, problem solving, sequencing, and memory.  Resident also needed moderate assist with dressing and completing ADL’s.

The residents therapy services included physical, occupational and speech therapies.  Resident was receiving strengthening to both LE and UE including the use of modalities such as the omnicycle and e-stim strengthening and neuro. re-ed. protocols to promote muscle strength and re-education to facilitate proper gait sequencing and mobility.  He also completed standing balance activities to improve loss of balance recovery.  With our speech therapist, the resident was treated with vital stem to improve swallowing and worked on word finding, problem solving, activity sequencing and memory recovery.

Upon re-evaluation in mid-March the resident was able to ambulate 120’ with a straight cane and minimal assist with 4-/5 LE strength, Fair balance and required only stand by assist for transfers.  Resident was also able to complete dressing and ADLs with SBA.  Resident was also on regular diet and liquid trials and progressing well with all speech and language deficits.

This resident has made remarkable progress since March and is now completely independent in the facility and outdoors using a front wheeled walker due to his own preference, completing all daily activities on his own and consuming a regular diet and liquids without incident.  The resident was physically and medically ready to return home in mid May, however financial limitations prevented him from doing so at that time.  All limitations have now been resolved and he is scheduled to return to his prior living situation on June 9th with only one change, he can no longer ride his two-wheeled Harley. 

However, his riding brothers have traded it in on a nice three wheeled Harley Trike for his safety and riding pleasure!


About odysseyrehab

Odyssey Rehabilitation – Partners with long-term care facilities to provide affordable, compassionate PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL and SPEECH THERAPY services in addition to complete, comprehensive management for your rehab department.
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