Effectively Assessing and Treating Dementia Patients in Long Term Care” Part 3


The new MDS 3.0, effective October 1st, uses the Brief Interview for Mental Status (BIMS) to give an overview of the patients mental status.  Trained/qualified therapists (usually Occupational Therapists (OTs) and/or Speech Language Pathologists/SLPs) use standardized testing to assess the most appropriate level of Dementia that the resident is showing signs and symptoms of.  When you have two tests that give the same result, the validly of the result increases.   Due to the nature of the evaluations that therapists conduct, they can give you an idea of the patient’s strengths and weaknesses in relationship to communication and function within the environment. The common language between therapy and nursing tends to be the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) which has seven levels ranging from Level 1 (No Cognitive Decline) to Level  7 (Severe Dementia).   Providing this education to appropriate employees increases the staff’s ability to provide for the residents’ medical needs more efficiently.

SLP & Clinical Manager of the Therapy Department


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Odyssey Rehabilitation – Partners with long-term care facilities to provide affordable, compassionate PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL and SPEECH THERAPY services in addition to complete, comprehensive management for your rehab department.
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