Marketing Your Facility Part 1

I recently participated in a webinar that discussed Sales & Marketing for LTC Facilities.  The webinar was in four parts, so I thought I would pass the information along to you in the same fashion.  For those of you who really invest a lot of time and energy into marketing your facility, you will find this to be some very beneficial information.  Part 1 had to do with Data Collection, Analysis & Tracking.  Why should you do these things?  The biggest reason is it will help you better understand your market.  having a method to collect data, analyze and track it will give you the ability to target key relationships, identify who supports you and who doesn’t, uncover new programs & services, guide your productivity & efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising.

Update your tracking methods on a daily basis.  Whether you use a handwritten or computerized method, set a time each day to review and update this information.  Make sure you are getting specific resident information such as name, address, telephone number, diagnoses, physician & Medicare number.  This will help you accurately track potential residents.  Also, find out how these residents heard about your center, who is the Case Manager/Social Worker and was there a Community Support Services utilized.  Knowing this information will also assist you in following up and building relationships in the future.

Develop a form to use for a Referral Source.  As we all know, being able to reference a referral is 10 times better when approaching a potential resident than trying to make a cold call.  Lastly, create a method of those leads that you have success with, in addition to those that you don’t get to become residents at your facility.  Ask your residents or their families why did they choose your facility?  What other facilities were they considering?  Also, learn why potential residents didn’t choose your facility.  Knowing this type of information will help you address potential concerns in the future along with what is attractive about your facility.

VP of Sales & Marketing

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